New payment option available for Sarnia Transit users

Sarnia Transit city bus. (Photo by the City of Sarnia)

Sarnia Transit users now have another payment option available to them.

The city has launched a new smart card system, aimed at enhancing the customer experience.

Manager Michelle Carter said the cards can be activated online, are reloadable and contactless, and include built-in transfers.

“Our current monthly passes are calendar passes, so it’s good for just the month of July or the month of August for example,” said Carter. “Now, with the reloadable smart cards, it’s actually a 30 day pass. So, when we get to the middle of the month, and someone buys a monthly pass, there’s not really a savings for them because it isn’t pro-rated.”

Other benefits include being able to register the card to prevent loss or theft, check card balances, and view transaction history.

Users can set up a new account or register a card by visiting