Lambton College president bids adieu

Lambton College President Judith Morris toasts the college's success in securing $20-million total senior government funding for the Centre for Health Education and Sustainable Care. June 24, 2015 ( Photo by Briana Carnegie)

The first female president of Lambton College has officially retired.

Judith Morris’ last day as CEO and president of the Sarnia school was Wednesday. She said it’s a bit bittersweet to step away from the role.

“I loved almost every single minute of it. It was my dream job, it was a dream college and the people I work with are amazing, so you know that you’re going to miss this but it’s the right time for me.”

Morris joined Lambton College in 2002 and was named the school’s 10th president in 2012. She initially planned on retiring at the end of 2020 but stayed on for an extra six months through the COVID pandemic.

Morris highlighted some of the school’s accomplishments during her time as president. She said the Enactus Lambton team, created in 2012, continues to change the world.

“It’s all about social entrepreneurship and business, a combination. They have been global winners for their work in Zambia and now on First Nations, and wow, that just warms your heart when you can think about our students changing lives.”

Morris said having a community that collaborates and works together has helped accomplish some collective goals.

“And that is the NOVA Health & Research Centre, the Athletics and Fitness Centre, the Bioindustrial Innovation Centre. All of those buildings, I think they total $75 million, have had a huge impact on the college and it’s been the work of the community.”

Morris said she is also proud of the Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) program at the school.

“[It’s] a program that includes people who have severe challenges, learning challenges, and includes them and integrates them completely into the college setting. That’s a beautiful thing. That’s what we should be all about as a nation and as a college.”

Earlier in the month, the college honoured Morris with a two-hour long virtual retirement celebration. Morris was also recently awarded CICan’s Distinguished Service Award.

In March, the college announced that former VP of Academic and Student Success Rob Kardas would be the college’s 11th CEO and president.