Bear suspected in honey heist at Scout Camp

Bee hives damaged at Scouts Canada, Camp Attawandaron in Lambton Shores. June 30, 2021 photo courtesy of Imperial Sarnia.

There’s speculation a black bear roaming around Lambton Shores may be responsible for recent damage at Camp Attawandaron.

Bee hives located at the Scouts Canada Camp, just west of Pinery Provincial Park, sustained significant damage.

In a post on social media, Imperial Sarnia said while there’s no proof a bear did it, nearby prints in the sand are suspicious.

Imperial is donating $5,000 to the Scouts organization to help them purchase new hives and a honey house to store their beekeeping materials.

Lambton County residents have been advised to take steps to avoid attracting bears.

There have been many sightings reported in the past month across the municipality, including areas of Ipperwash Beach, Port Franks and Grand Bend.

Some neighbourhoods, including Huron Woods in Grand Bend, have posted signs cautioning of a bear in the area after numerous sightings.

The signs remind residents and seasonal visitors to put garbage in bins, remove bird feeders, keep barbeques clean and keep pet food indoors.