Corunna brewery ready to open soon

Myka Barnes, co-owner of Two Water Brewing Co. (submitted photo)

A new brewery in Corunna is getting ready to turn its taps on this summer.

Two Water Brewing Co., located on Lyndoch Street, is expected to open its doors in mid-July.

Co-owner Myka Barnes said the idea to open a brewery started after making beer in a basement this past January.

Barnes said she and the other two co-owners wanted to incorporate details of Corunna and Lambton County into their business.

Some beers will be named after parts of the communities. The brewery’s name and logo also represents the area as “Two Water” signifies the St. Clair River and Lake Huron coming together.

Two Water Brewing Co. (Submitted photo)

The name is also meant to represent two types of beer drinkers coming together under one roof. Barnes said some beers will be on the lighter side while others will appeal more to craft beer drinkers.

“When we open, we plan to have five to seven beers on tap. We will have things like a blueberry ale, a hazy wheat beer, a dirty lager, and more,” she said. “Our goal is to have a place where both regular beer drinkers and craft beer drinkers can come and have their favourite pint together.”

The brewery already has two brewmasters but Barnes said they plan on hiring four servers in late June. Hiring details will be posted to their social media sites at a later date.

Barnes said the experience of starting a business during a pandemic has been nerve-wracking but exciting as well. She said they are prepared to work under COVID-19 restrictions and plan to have a patio area set up this summer.

The province will allow outdoor dining for up to four people per table under Stage One of the reopening framework.

Two Water Brewing Co. will also soon offer a delivery option.

Barnes said so far the brewery has received a lot of positive feedback over social media.

“Everyone in Corunna is super excited,” she said. “Everyone in Corunna… they’re very proud of their town and we just want to give them a brewery that they’re proud of as well.”

There are still a couple of hoops to jump through in terms of obtaining a liquor license. However, the process is not expected to take too long.