Lambton Shores aerial spraying set to control gypsy moth infestation

File photo of two Gypsy Moths courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / ca2hill

Gypsy moths likely won’t be bugging Lambton Shores residents too much this summer.

The municipality is spraying for the invasive species between May 17 and June 15.

Mayor Bill Weber said it comes following a bad outbreak of the moths in 2020.

“It’s a number of years between high points of gypsy moths and last year was a high point and there’s an expectation that this year will be high as well, so private residents and the municipality have decided to participate in a spray program.”

Weber said this is the first year he’s aware of that Lambton Shores is spraying for the moths.

He said last year’s infestation was more noticeable in certain areas.

“It was in Port Franks and along the Highway 21 corridor north towards Grand Bend. The Pinery Park was a part of that — they were heavily infested last year.”

Weber said despite the high number of moths at the Pinery, the park has chosen not to spray.

“For reasons I guess of possible other caterpillars that may be affected that are species at risk. So the park has chosen not to spray as they understand the gypsy moths are cyclical and the infestation will die off naturally.”

In a media release, the municipality said the result of last year’s outbreak was significant defoliation of targeted trees and a considerable impact on individual enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

Zimmer Air Services will be conducting an aerial spray program on private, municipal, county and conservation properties with a safe and naturally occurring insecticide to control the infestation.

In 2020, Lambton Shores voted against spraying.

For more information and to view maps of the spray areas, click here.