Imperial Theatre announces April 50/50 draw winner

Imperial Theatre Executive Director Brian Austin (L) and April 50/50 winner David Black (R) (Photo courtesy of Imperial Theatre)

Sarnia’s Imperial Theatre is congratulating David Black on winning its April 50/50 draw, worth $233,420.

The local semi-retiree of Pathways said he buys $40 worth of tickets every month, and was in disbelief when he received the exciting news.

When asked what he would do with the money, Black said he’d be making an appointment with his financial planner.

The Imperial Theatre has big plans for the other half of the money, including upgrading the auditorium with new seats, new paint, and a new floor. The theatre plans to have the work done over the summer, noting the seats have been used for 24 years and they can no longer be repaired.

This month’s 50/50 draw is currently underway, running until May 31 at 11:59 p.m. It’s hoped May proceeds will allow for installation of a new sound system including an Adamson Line array and a Theatrical lighting equipment upgrade at an estimated cost of $290,000.

Other improvements to the theatre include updated washrooms, and ongoing roof replacement which will be completed over the summer.

To buy tickets for the May draw, go to