12-year-old lands 20 pound salmon in kayak on Lake Huron

12-year-old Jack Taylor catches a 20.5 pound King Salmon off Ipperwash - Apr 10/21 (Photo courtesy of Trevor Taylor)

A 12-year-old from Grand Bend has quite a fish story to tell.

Jack Taylor reeled in a 20.5 pound king salmon over the weekend on Lake Huron. Incredibly he made the catch while in a kayak off Ipperwash Beach.

Jack said he was relaxing watching Netflix on a mobile device when his reel began to quickly unspool.

“It was on a little bait caster rod, it wasn’t a rod meant for that type of fight,” said Jack. “It took me about 20 minutes to get in. I had a small net, and I only got the head of the salmon in so I had to gill him and pull him up in my kayak. I dragged him up and had to head to shore to wait for my dad to come.”

Jack said he’s now caught three fish in his kayak but this was the biggest.

“I fish about three times a week now probably because of COVID,” he said. “The biggest fish that I’ve caught was with my uncle on Lake Ontario. It was a 27 pound salmon that went out about 600 yards.”

As for the fish he reeled in Saturday, Jack and his family had a delicious smoked salmon dinner.