Drive-thru Kinsmen Ribfest planned for Father’s Day weekend

Ribfest Jack the Ribber photo courtesy of Matt McNeil July 9,2018

The pandemic has forced the Kinsmen Club of Sarnia to be creative when planning another of its popular events.

A new drive-thru Ribfest is scheduled for Father’s Day weekend, June 18-20.

Chair Jack Struck said the event will be held at Lambton College.

“We’re kind of excited about it,” said Struck. “This is something new and different, but we have to do something to look after our 30-plus charities we donate to every year and we’ve got to raise some money to do that.”

He said they’ve secured ribbers.

“Three of the top ribbers in Ontario are going to be here. It’s going to be Jack The Ribber, Route 55 and Silver Bullet.”

Stuck said vehicles will be welcomed into the campus off London Road and everything will be set up in the parking lot on the west side of the college.

“You’ll drive in, you’ll have three lines, and you’ll be able to pick out your menu. It’s going to be put on our webpage and Facebook and you can print it and when you drive in somebody will take it from you, put a number on your car and call in the order. When you get up to whatever number, one, two or three you’re getting from, your order will be ready for you by the time you get there.”

He said once you’ve paid and received your order you can either leave, visit the french fry or ice cream truck, or stay to enjoy the meal with your family.

“There’s going to be 40 pods, like 40 tents, set up around the different parking lots. There’ll be about 30 feet around each tent. You can pull your car right up to the tent, have your family sit down, you can have up to ten, but we’ll have it set up for six people at a table and go from there.”

Struck said the ribbers participated in three similar events last year, so they’ve helped provide some insight.

He said the Kinsmen will be collecting donations at the entrance and people will only be able to choose from one ribber per trip.

The Kinsmen Club held a reverse drive through Santa Claus parade at the college last December and raised $18,000 in donations.