Point Edward vaccination clinic becomes student art showcase

Artwork on display at Point Edward Arena. Photo courtesy of the Village of Point Edward Twitter. March 18, 2021

The Point Edward Arena/Optimist Club Community Hall has been transformed into a gallery showcasing student artwork from across Lambton County.

The site is being used for mass COVID-19 inoculations, for those registered in the eligible age groups, starting Monday.

Village Mayor Bev Hand said hundreds of pieces of artwork have been placed on display as a way to brighten the spirits of everyone visiting.

“The idea for this initiative came from Claudio in our fire department,” said Hand. “He has children in the primary grades. He had the idea and put it out to Bridgeview school and we collected all of this great artwork.”

Claudio Palleschi is Point Edward’s emergency management coordinator.

Hand said initially, the artwork was only on display at the clinic in the community hall.

“It was so well received and then it grew because Claudio realized there were other schools across the county that would want to be involved. So, [the request] went out to all these different schools and we had all kinds of artwork that we started putting up in the arena.”

Mayor Hand said the project has really helped children feel connected to the community.

“They’re all aware of what’s going on in their lives and how it’s impacted, but it was a way to be a little bit creative and involve them.”

Hand said they were so overwhelmed with artwork, all of the walls in the lobby and walkways are covered, and they actually ran out of sticky tape to put them up.

“A lot of people in the clinic over the last few weeks were more elderly people, and they really got a kick of it while they were waiting and walking down the hall. You stop and look at all of the various art. It gave them a lift because there’s all kinds of messages. They’re really creative what the children have done.”

Mayor Hand said Lambton’s Cultural Services General Manager, Andrew Meyer, was also planning to display old photos of Lambton County along the glass at the end of the arena where residents walk onto the vaccination floor.