Citizens want Cow Creek dredged to address dangerous condition

Cow Creek. October 19, 2020 Photo by Rob Ravensberg. Provided to Blackburn News Sarnia, on behalf of the group, by Mark Moran.

A group of about 70 people wants Cow Creek dredged where it drains into Lake Huron.

Spokesperson Mark Moran said over the last couple of years, a small sandbar has grown into a shoal, in the area just west of St. John in the Wilderness Church in Bright’s Grove.

He said it’s dangerous for boats or small craft trying to navigate the waterway.

“Whether it’s for regular use or whether it’s because of a storm that suddenly comes on, if you know the creek very well, it has gotten to the point where it’s still very tricky, and if you don’t know the creek, it’s down right dangerous,” said Moran. “A north wind would just throw boats forward, it would disguise the shoal and they’d basically land right on it and capsize, which has happened.”

He said canoe and kayakers are having to portage to get into the lake from the creek and the water’s ability to drain could be impeded by ice or trees falling in the winter.

“Municipal drains do go into there, as well the sewage treatment plant, my understanding is it drains through Cow Creek, which almost everybody calls Perch Creek.”

Moran said it’s also not uncommon to see kids jump off the old Lakeshore Road bridge into the creek.

“A couple years ago there would have been 10 feet of water there, now where they would have jumped, there’s no water. You would land right on land. But, the deepest it is, where they could jump, is maybe three feet deep and it’s the only possible narrow channel for a boat to get through.”

Moran thinks it may have been over 20 years since the creek was last dredged.

He said Sarnia council is scheduled to hear the group’s concerns Monday and may consider staff recommendations at that time.

Cow Creek. Map courtesy of Google.

Cow Creek. Map courtesy of Google.