St. Clair Township mayor says fatality reinforces call for roundabout

The Kimball Road and Petrolia Line intersection in St. Clair Twp. October 2016. (Photo by Google Maps)

The mayor of St. Clair Township says the latest tragedy at Petrolia Line and Kimball Road reinforces calls for a roundabout at the dangerous intersection.

Steve Arnold said Lambton County Council will consider funding for a roundabout during its 2021 budget deliberations.

He thinks a roundabout is probably the last thing that can be done to improve safety.

“It’s very sad, it’s always terrible, a tragedy when someone gets killed in an automobile accident, and that intersection is one that we’ve had a few now in the last little while,” said Arnold. “It’s had a history of incidents and that’s why the county has done so much to try and improve the safety by lowering the speeds, larger stop signs, flashing lights, and yet we still are having the odd incident there.”

A 92-year-old Wallaceburg man became the latest victim of a fatal crash at the intersection Wednesday afternoon.

Mayor Arnold said the cost of a roundabout would likely be around $1 million with real estate being the biggest issue.

“There are a lot of houses that are fairly close, and it involves a fair amount of property and then the other piece that we’ve talked about before is module movement that can be done by just keeping it at grade and having temporary barriers put in there so that they can be removed if we do have to do movement of modules.”

Mayor Arnold said he hopes county politicians can do something at the intersection to address the terrible history of fatalities.

-With files from Colin Gowdy