Zeros across the board in Petrolia draft budget

Town of Petrolia sign. Sept. 2014. (Photo by

The Town of Petrolia’s 2021 draft budget is calling for zeros across the board.

After one day of council deliberations, the budget proposes 0 per cent increases in the municipal tax rate, sewer costs, water rates and the fee schedule.

Mayor Brad Loosely said staff and council worked really hard to “hold the line” and limit spending.

“I think it’s really important to realize that people need a little help and that this is not the time that we felt to increase taxes or fees,” said Loosely. “On the bright side, even though it sounds at 0 per cent we’re doing nothing, we are still looking at some major road projects we’re proposing for next year, which is Greenfield Street, and we’re looking at buying some equipment that is quite substantial.”

Town CAO Rick Charlebois said Greenfield Street could certainly use some upgrades.

“It’s quite an old road, and we have to replace the water lines, the sanitary sewer lines and the storm sewer lines.”

Charlebois said the draft also calls for the replacement of a snowplow, with a price tag of about $275,000, and a trackless mower, set to cost $175,000.

A virtual public meeting to discuss the budget will be held on November 9 at 6 p.m. Staff plan to bring the proposed budget back to council on December 14.