Plympton-Wyoming managing McEwen Park, waiting for land transfer

McEwen Conservation Park sign. Photo courtesy of the Town of Plympton-Wyoming.

The Town of Plympton-Wyoming is managing McEwen Conservation Park and is waiting for the transfer of the land back to the municipality.

A temporary lease agreement transferred care and control from the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority.

Director of Public Works Adam Sobanski said they’re still waiting to finalize the actual transfer of the land.

“Unfortunately with conservation authorities, as they’re provincially managed, any transfer of land has to be approved by the province,” said Sobanski. “So, those approvals are being sought, but they can also take a long time to take place.”

Sobanski said a number of residents expressed a desire to have the area maintained at a higher level of care in 2019.

Over the summer, bathrooms were improved and reopened, the parking and driveway were upgraded including signage, and a new park sign for Lakeshore Road has been ordered and is to be installed in early October.

Sobanski said a number of community groups have asked that the town consider reconstructing a gazebo at the facility which is now being called McEwen Park.

“Long-term, we are looking at potential plans for the park to make it more user friendly for the community, but those plans have not been approved or set into place at this time,” he said.

The four-hectare area, at 4318 Lakeshore Rd., features a forest and 200 metres of sandy beach.