Police disperse large gathering in Bright’s Grove

A Sarnia Police SUV. October 16, 2018. (Photo by Colin Gowdy, BlackburnNews)

Police were urging parents in Sarnia to ask their children to return home after over 100 youths decided to gather together in Bright’s Grove.

The Sarnia Police Service said Friday evening shortly after 10 p.m. that officers were working to disperse the large gathering in¬†the Bright’s Grove beach area, as they are in violation of the province’s emergency legislation.

The Ontario government recently reduced the number of people permitted to attend unmonitored and private social gatherings across the province in response to increasing COVID-19 numbers. Only 10 people are permitted to attend indoor gatherings and outdoor gatherings are limited to 25 people.

“If your teenager is possibly in attendance in this area your assistance is greatly appreciated by asking
them to return home immediately,” Sarnia police said in a news release.