Lottery win knocks Oil City nursing student off her feet

Isabella McKinlay of Oil City claims the top prize from an Instant Fruit Explosion ticket. September, 2020 Photo courtesy of OLG.

An 18-year-old nursing student from Oil City was knocked off her feet after winning the top prize on an OLG scratch ticket.

Isabella McKinlay was at home when she discovered she won $75,000 from an Instant Fruit Explosion ticket.

“I was playing my ticket when I thought I won $3,” said McKinlay. “When I uncovered the $75,000 prize amount and thought I made a mistake, I pulled out my phone and used the OLG Lottery App to scan my ticket. I didn’t know if I was going to cry, be sick or pass out!”

She said she immediately ran to tell her mom the news.

“I just started screaming, I ran down the stairs – tripped and fell, then all I could do was scream! When I showed her my phone she started screaming too and we jumped up and down.”

McKinlay is planning to buy a new truck.

“My mom taught me to save my money and so I’ve already been able to pay for my school,” she said. “I’m a country girl and I’ve always wanted a truck – so I’m going to splurge on a Dodge Ram 1500. This purchase will honour my grandfather who worked for Chrysler for over 30 years.”

The winning ticket was purchased at V&F Variety on Petrolia Line, in Petrolia.