Council approves four lot subdivision

A subdivision is planned for this woodland property at 834 Lakeshore Road in Sarnia. Photo courtesy of City of Sarnia.

Sarnia council has given a developer clearance to build homes in a north end woodland, but not as many as he would like.

Paul Wicks wanted to build six homes at 834 Lakeshore Rd., with a cul-de-sac extension of Tudor Close West.

But, council amended the rezoning and official plan to allow only four homes Monday.

Councillor Margaret Bird said tree consultants told her if the property continues to be left in its current state, it will become nothing but scrub.

“There are studies showing that what was there was already dying with old trees hollow from decay,” said Bird.

She pointed to an environmental impact study that said the majority of wildlife species in the wooded area were common on human-influenced landscapes and the wildlife will continue to use the area after it’s developed.

“I believe all the environmental, ecological and climatic concerns have been addressed and hope this development will now move forward and be of benefit in creating jobs for the tradespeople, keeping the very much in demand luxury homes within our city limits providing increased property taxes and fees for the city and an increase to the current property values on the subject side.”

Councillor Mike Stark felt the arrangement was fair.

“In my view, this is a reasonable compromise and consistent with what a balanced approach and commitment to the environment is,” said Stark.

Councillor Dave Boushy upheld a previous commitment he made.

“The neighbours asked me to meet with them, I met with them in this neighbourhood, on the site for a long time,” said Boushy. “After a long discussion, two years ago, I made them a promise. I promised my support and a promise is a promise. I’ll vote against this rezoning application.”

The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority said the amendment was contingent upon reforestation and conservation agreements, and the zoning should recognize the natural heritage and natural hazards area.