Point Edward gets government funding for St. Clair Street rebuild

Point Edward Sign. Submitted photo.

The Village of Point Edward is looking to undertake a major construction project next year after getting federal and provincial funding this week.

The village received a combined $154,000 which will be used to do a full rebuild of St. Clair Street and expand trail and bike lanes along the west side of the road.

Mayor Bev Hand said they’ll be on the hook for about $56,000 of the total cost.

“We were pleased to get this funding, we’re a small community so you know that the money means a lot,” she said. “Our plan was to do it in 2021. Of course, as all communities with the money that we’re losing toward COVID in lost revenues, we might have to redo that plan. We are still hoping to do it in 2021, for us it’s a really large road.

Mayor Hand said the village is also looking at applying for money under the federal COVID-19 Resilience funding stream which will help with pressures related to the pandemic.

The $3.3 billion fund, announced Wednesday as part of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, is geared toward things like retrofitting schools to allow kids to attend safely, upgrading hospitals and long-term care homes to deal with social distancing requirements, building new parks, or disaster mitigation projects.

Hand said they still have to discuss their options, and what projects are needed the most.