Blue Water Bridge improvements underway during COVID traffic lull

Federal Bridge Corporation Limited Director of Communications Todd Kealey with Blue Water Bridge in the backgroud. June 11. 2019. (BlackburnNews photo by Colin Gowdy)

The Federal Bridge Corporation is taking advantage of reduced traffic volumes at the Blue Water Bridge to get scheduled work done.

Director of Communications Todd Kealey said three main projects are underway in Point Edward.

“One of them being normal everyday maintenance,” said Kealey. “Summertime is great for doing stuff like painting, so people might notice the lift under the bridge. That’s part of our rust prevention activity. More notable, we’ve updated all of our [digital] variable message signs on the bridge.”

Kealey said when travellers return to the bridge, they’ll be welcomed by the clearer signs with a fresh look.

“They give us a lot more flexibility in the types of messages we can put up. Especially making bilingualism a lot easier to do.”

Kealey said the most notable job underway is resurfacing work at the plaza.

“Right now a lot of the work is happening in front of the commercial CBSA [Canada Border Service Agency] lanes where we’re cleaning up the asphalt, improving the underlying concrete and making that all nice and clean. That should last us for a few years with the level of traffic we’re facing.”

Kealey said contractors are taking COVID-19 precautions that are similar to maintenance staff at the bridge, including staggered shifts, physical distancing and wearing personal protective equipment.

“We do appreciate the effort that our contractors and our staff are investing in this. These are challenging times for everybody and the fact that they’re able to get the work done in a timely manner just speaks to their professionalism.”

Kealey said the resurfacing is expected to be completed by July 21.

Non-essential travel between Canada and the United States has been restricted since March 21.