Lambton Shores mayor says behaviour of many beachgoers ‘very disappointing’

Grand Bend Beach Sunday June 28, 2020 (Photo via Grand Bend Pier Cam)

The mayor of Lambton Shores says he’s disappointed that many beachgoers ignored pandemic safety precautions over the weekend.

Bill Weber said tickets were issued for over 250 bylaw infractions ranging from parking violations to liquor licence act complaints.

“We had a lot of people in Grand Bend and at all of the beaches within Lambton Shores,” said Weber. “There was overcrowding, there was lack of respect for the rules and it was just disappointing.”

Weber said they want the beach to be open the rest of July and August but he warned such behaviour will not be tolerated, and bylaw officers will continue ramped up enforcement.

“I don’t know if they [people] don’t find out about what’s going on, but COVID is still out there just looking for people who don’t want to follow the rules. People that think they can park wherever they want to, and block traffic, and then go right from that to alcohol and drinking or glass on the beach. Those people forget their common sense, forget their brain. Day-trippers come here and don’t respect, very disappointing.”

Mayor Weber said he is reminding the public there will be no fireworks in Grand Bend on Canada Day Wednesday.

He again asked visitors to the Lake Huron resort community to abide by the rules or stay home.