Gypsy moth spraying cancelled this week

Gypsy moth egg masses. (Photo labeled for reuse on Google courtesy of]

Aerial gypsy moth spraying scheduled to start over Sarnia this week has been cancelled.

Zimmer Air Services was set to spray over 63.5 hectares of the city from a twin-engine helicopter starting this Wednesday, and again on June 15.

Councillor Bill Dennis said it has since been postponed.

“Yesterday, there was a flurry of emails that took place,” said Dennis. “There was some new information that was presented from some citizens with respect to the safety of the spraying and so, the spraying was scheduled to take place Wednesday, but due to the inclement weather that’s going to be taking place, it’s been put off for a little bit.”

Dennis said he expects there will be a special city council meeting held to discuss concerns before the spraying is rescheduled.

A meeting planned Tuesday morning was cancelled quickly when Sarnia’s solicitor warned that there hadn’t been enough notice given.

Zimmer Air Services has said it should take about 15 minutes to spray each of the four impacted areas, including:

– Canatara Park, Lake Chipican Drive
– Oak Acres Park
– Lakeshore Rd East of Modeland Rd
– Colborne Rd N of Michigan, S of Cathcart Blvd East to Errol Rd and Ridgewood Drive

Area homeowners would be sent a notice one week before the first application of the biological pesticide Foray 48B Biological Insecticide Aqueous Suspension.