London area lawyer petitioning for healthcare worker danger pay

Southwestern Ontario lawyer Phillip Millar. Photo courtesy of

A well-known area lawyer wants the government to issue danger pay to individuals working the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phillip Millar, a former military combat officer, said in a video posted to Millars Law Facebook page, that when he was deployed, the government issued tax-free compensation as an added bonus for those willing to expose themselves to increased danger.

He said people working the front lines right now are sacrificing themselves to save us, our loved ones and the economy.

“Imagine being a nurse with two young children, you have the skills to go save lives every day, but you have to put on your scrubs, leave your kids and be exposed to high strength viral patients,” said Millar. “Their risk of fatality or illness is as big, or greater, than what it was when we deployed overseas to Yugoslavia, Africa or Afghanistan.”

Millar said clapping and making noise to support frontline workers each night is a nice gesture, but it’s not enough.

“I want to create a campaign called #clappingisnotenough. I want my veteran buddies, my military buddies, anybody in government to start lobbying right now to get danger pay for first responders.”

Millar said these individuals should be compensated for their sacrifice.

“I’m going to contact my MP. I’m going to contact my contacts who know [Justin] Trudeau. All of this money that’s being spent… a serious chunk of it should be allocated to first responders who are fighting this war on our behalf, while we sit at home and complain that I can’t go to a restaurant.”

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