Local pharmacy installing barriers to protect staff

A worker at a Hogan Pharmacy in Lambton County working behind a plexiglass barrier. (Photo via Darryl Moore, Hogan Pharmacy Partners Ltd.)

Hogan Pharmacy Group is taking precautionary measures to keep staff safe while providing essential services.

Darryl Moore, the president and co-owner of Hogan Pharmacy group, said they made the decision to put up barriers and plexiglass walls in an effort to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Moore said it’s important to put these measures in place so they can continue to help patients who need their medication as well as other products the pharmacy sells.

“We’re front line workers…We need to keep our staff safe and healthy so that we can keep providing essential services to people.” Moore explained.

Hogan Pharmacy has five locations within Lambton County. Moore said three of the pharmacies have had safety measures put in place. The Northgate and Corunna locations will have barriers installed on Monday.

Hogan Pharmacy has put barriers up in their pharmacies to help protect workers from COVID-19. (Photo via Darryl Moore, Hogan Pharmacy Partners Ltd.)

Moore added that the pharmacies have had issues keeping up with supply demands. He said they have been overwhelmed by the number of people requesting their prescriptions early over fears that they will run out, or be quarantined and unable to leave.

“We’ve had to double our staff over and above what we’d normally do in a week,” Moore said. “We’ve changed our hours to shorten them a bit to give staff the opportunity to catch up.”

In his over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Moore said that he’s never seen a time where there have been so many drug shortages from the wholesale suppliers. He said that their priority is to make sure there’s enough to go around.

“We’re caught where people are ordering three months [worth] of supplies, but we’re only able to fill a month’s worth so that everyone gets a little bit,” Moore said.

He also explained that suppliers are limiting the number of medications they can order at one time.

Despite the craze, Moore said he’s thankful for the work his staff has put in during this difficult time. He added that patients and customers have been understanding and he appreciates their patience.