Long-term retailer closes at Lambton Mall

Things Engraved in Lambton Mall (Blackburnnews.com photo by Melanie Irwin)

Things Engraved has closed suddenly in Lambton Mall.

The Canadian retailer, that specializes in engraved and personalized gifts, fired all of its store associates and most head office employees last Thursday, January 10.

Property Manager Laura Beecroft said they’re sad to see a long-term retailer close in the mall.

“We currently do not have any additional information on how many employees were impacted or anything with regards to the actual operation of the business,” said Beecroft.

Beecroft said she doesn’t know if all customers were able to pick up their engraved items in time and has this advice if they were unable to.

“They should reach out to Things Engraved directly and see about next steps,” she said.

Things Engraved has not replied to Blackburn News Sarnia’s requests for an interview.

Beecroft said they’ll be looking to fill the space now.

“It’s a nice little space right in the middle of the mall, a great piece of real estate in my opinion. It is going to be available for lease for any interested tenants,” said Beecroft.

BlackburnNewsSarnia.com confirmed last week that Lambton Mall was sold to a Toronto based property investment, management and leasing company.

The sale to Europro was finalized on Wednesday, January 8.