NOVA reports ‘good progress’ in $2.2B Corunna projects (VIDEO)

Construction at NOVA Chemicals' Rokeby Line site - Sept 2019 (Photo courtesy of NOVA Chemicals)

NOVA Chemicals says 2019 was an extremely productive year as work continues on a pair of high-cost projects locally.

So far, around 800 skilled trades workers have logged over 996,000 hours building a second polyethylene facility on Rokeby Line, and expanding the Corunna cracker.

Once the $2.2 billion investment wraps up in 2021, around 150 permanent full-time jobs are expected to be created, along with an additional 750 spin-off positions.

Company spokesperson Meaghan Lawrence said the majority of workers are locally-based.

“We have poured a significant amount of concrete, close to 14,000 cubic metres,” said Lawrence. “We’ve erected 900 tonnes of steel, right now the reactor structure is taking shape. Vessels are being delivered on a consistent basis, we’re around ten at this time. We’ve laid a significant amount of underground piping, close to 6,000 metres.”

Lawrence said NOVA has also planted 1,700 trees and brought in 235,000 tonnes of gravel.

The company continues to strive for zero injuries, illnesses or incidents.

She said they’re committed to being a good neighbour by constructing noise berms, doing work during daytime hours, gathering stakeholder feedback, and minimizing material waste.

At this point, equipment is being delivered to the Rokeby site each week, and residents are being told to expect slow-moving traffic and delays.

The 50 per cent cracker expansion is forecast to increase NOVA’s polyethylene production capacity by about 950 million pounds.