Christmas for Everyone campaign needs gifts for older kids

A display of gift cards at a Wal-Mart. December 22, 2008. (Photo by arvind grover from flickr)

Petrolia’s Christmas for Everyone campaign is reminding residents to donate gifts for older kids on Santa’s list.

The CFE Older Kid Campaign aims to find gifts for boys and girls aged nine to 16.

Volunteer Tami Langstaff said they want to make sure every kid has a gift this Christmas.

“What they’re finding is that there are lots of toys that are coming into toy drives around the community, but most of them are for younger children, so we’re really desperate for gifts for girls and boys aged nine to 16,” said Langstaff. “You go into the store and the toys are just geared for younger kids, so I think that people just don’t think about the older kids, and as they get into their teenage years, people don’t think the need isn’t there as much, but it certainly is.”

Langstaff said their shelves are currently empty of gifts for older kids, and that without your help, some might not have any gifts to open this Christmas.

She said they’re looking for a few items in particular.

“Obviously we would take cash donations, but the biggest thing is gift cards. So whether they’re for Wal-Mart, Lambton Mall, Visa gift cards, Tim Horton’s, Cineplex, anything that these teenagers or younger kids could spend and buy themselves a nice present.”

Langstaff said the deadline for donations is December 5.

The Christmas for Everyone campaign has been supporting area families for 48 years.

For more information, call the Petrolia Food Bank at (519) 882-3950, or click here.