Residents urged to protect pets from cold weather

Photo by mcfarlandmo via Flickr

Pet owners are being reminded to make sure their pets have what they need if they’re going to be outside in the cold.

Colder than normal temperatures for this time of year are expected to stick around for a few more days.

Agent Ryan Sparks with the Sarnia and District Humane Society said if your pet is going to be outdoors, you have to provide it some shelter.

“Just because you can buy an igloo dog house at one of the stores anywhere that you’re living, doesn’t mean that it’s adequate,” said Sparks. “You need to have something that is the right size for the dog, not too big, because the heat that they give off is what’s going to keep them warm.”

Overnight the mercury dipped to minus 14 C (7 F) in Sarnia, breaking the previous record of minus 10 C (14 F) set in 1986.