Halloween pumpkin pick-up

Pumpkins (BlackburnNews.com photo by Dave Dentinger)

The City of Sarnia is telling residents how to properly dispose of their Halloween pumpkins.

Waste Management Coodinator Tina D’Andrea said they’ll be collected with yard waste.

“Residents can set their Halloween pumpkins out on the same collection week as leaves and yard waste which begins on November 11,” said D’Andrea.

“We want to make sure the pumpkins that are being put out aren’t painted. We can’t accept them as compost if they’re painted. They’ll have to go in the regular garbage.”

D’Andrea said any candles, metal and plastic have to be removed from pumpkins before they’re composted, and each pumpkin has to be under the weight limit of 22 kilograms or 48 pounds.

Pumpkins can also be taken to Sarnia’s compost site at 379 St. Andrew Street.