Lambton Kent public secondary teachers holding strike vote

Students listening to teacher in a classroom. © Can Stock Photo / 4774344sean

Lambton Kent public high school teachers are getting ready to hold a central strike vote.

There’s a members-only meeting beginning at 4 p.m. Tuesday at Ken Houston Memorial Hall at the Dresden Arena.

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation President for District 10, Jennifer Kumpf said members will be brought up to speed on the provincial bargaining process.

“The issues at the table that we are really fighting against are problems with class size and learning conditions for the students,” said Kumpf. “What we are really hoping that the meeting and the result of the vote will be, is to get the best solution for a fair negotiated settlement for all parties involved.”

OSSTF District 10 represents 600 full time equivalent secondary teachers in Lambton Kent.

Voting will take place in all schools on Wednesday, November 6. Provincial and local results are expected later this month.