Site plan approved for Strathroy area hotel

The site of a new Holiday Inn Express in Adelaide-Metcalfe near Strathroy. October 8, 2019. ( photo by Melanie Irwin)

Construction of the first chain-brand hotel in the Strathroy area is imminent.

Adelaide-Metcalfe Mayor Kurtis Smith said they’ve approved a site plan for construction of a four-storey, 90 room Holiday Inn Express, just south of the Tim Horton’s on Centre Street.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Smith. “That site was originally approved for a hotel there in 2011. We broke ground on that property, but it has changed hands a couple times. These developers, they’re very excited. We’ve allowed them to go ahead with a conditional building permit to get the hotel construction up and going.”

Smith said the hotel will fill a long-time void.

“It really is much needed. There’s wedding venues, soccer tournaments, hockey tournaments and when we have employees coming there, they don’t have a space to stay so they either stay in Sarnia or London. Having this new hotel come to the area is going to make things a lot nicer for everyone and be such an economic driver in our community.”

Smith said in addition to the hotel, a new gas bar and Wendy’s fast-food restaurant are planned on the property.

The project still needs final approval from Middlesex County.

Smith said staff are still finishing plans for a new intersection with traffic lights to access the development.