Main powerhouse building at LGS prepped for demolition

Lambton Generating Station ( File Photo)

The main powerhouse building at the old Lambton Generating Station is set to come down in the near future.

Ontario Power Generation’s Decommissioning and Demolition Project Manager Dan Roorda said JMX Contracting is finishing up the asbestos abatement inside the building right now.

“The first phase of that is expected to be complete very shortly and then exterior demolition of that building will start, in earnest, in the next few weeks,” said Roorda.

He said the contractor wants to remove the chimneys with explosives next spring, and is working on a plan that mitigates dust.

“It will be certainly a combination of things. Physical blocks using either piles of scrap, or different means, to prevent dust and debris from travelling. It may use screens, it may use water/dust suppression equipment and primarily it will be using wind direction, to make sure that the wind will take the dust in a direction that will be as least impacting as possible,” said Roorda.

Roorda said overall, demolition is about 40 per cent complete.