Historical tours explore Sombra’s eerie past

Sombra Museum at 3470 St Clair Pkwy. (Photo by St . Clair Township)

A historical village tour is set to explore the eerie past of the village of Sombra.

The Sombra Museum is hosting the Shadows and Spirits tour Saturday.

Museum Curator Kailyn Shetley said it’s a great way to learn the history of the area.

“So we take you around about a two kilometre route pointing out some of the houses and businesses that used to be here, and there’s some paranormal undertones. We’ve had a few paranormal incidences in the town, and a lot of the houses people have claimed there are ghosts, so we mention some of the ghostly aspects of that,” said Shetley. “They will learn about the rum-running and how Al Capone came to town during the 1920’s, the pirate raids of 1838, and then more simple things like how we had a captain in town related to Wild Bill and just a general history of what used to be here — all the stores and the different types of businesses and the flavour of the people.”

Shetley said it’s the first time they’ve hosted the tour.

“It was inspired by the Charles Dickens tours the town did back in the 1990s, so we thought we’d bring something like that back. We have some actors doing some reenactments and then some history from the town,” she said. “We actually have the people-mover-wagons from the Brigden Fair, so they’re large wagons with benches and they’re covered. They’re actually quite comfortable and easy to get into if you have accessibility issues, we can’t get wheelchairs on them but if you have a walker it’s easy to step up on there.”

The tours start at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. — the 6:30 p.m. tour is already sold out.

Tickets are $20, $5 for kids under 12 and free for preschoolers. There will also be snacks activities and entertainment.

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