Seniors association shutting down due to lack of funding

Handyman. Google image labeled for reuse.

After close to 30 years in operation the Lambton Seniors Association has announced plans to dissolve next month.

Chair Loretta Hodgin said they failed to find a new funding source for the Handyman/Handywoman program.

“We, unfortunately, did not receive United Way funding this year after 12 years, and so we went on a hard core fundraising situation,” said Hodgin. “We contacted industry, businesses, foundations, we did government grants and clients and we just did not get the community support to keep this viable.”

The seniors association received around $37,000 each year from the United Way, which defended its decision to cut the funding in June.

Executive Director Dave Brown said the association was asked to do a “means test” to ensure seniors with lower incomes were served first, but it refused to comply.

Hodgin said it was against their mandate.

“It would mean more staffing in order to do financial checks and quite honestly, there’s no guarantee. Had we backed off our philosophy and mandate, there’s no guarantee we would have received the funding. So, we weren’t really that further ahead.”

The association will close its doors October 31.