Fundraiser for fallen toddler still in full bloom

Photo courtesy of Miracle Max's Minions via Facebook.

It’s been a sea of sunflowers on social media lately.

Thousands of people have made their way to Brian Schoonjan’s farm on Douglas Line in Plympton-Wyoming.

He planted six acres of sunflowers in the spring in memory of Max Rombouts. The two-year-old died earlier this year after a battle with leukemia. Schoonjan launched the charity fundraiser, “Miracle Max’s Minions.”

Photo courtesy of Miracle Max’s Minions via Facebook.

He said people from across the province have visited the farm, sharing photos on social media and leaving donations in Max’s memory.

“The outpouring response from our community has our cup full,” said Schoonjan. “People have been very gracious and very generous and very respectful. It’s been just a field full of love. Like I’ve given more hugs and received more hugs than I ever have in my whole life-time in the last two weeks. And, I know Max’s parents are really feeling the love from the community.”

He said Max’s parents, Kevin and Jamie Rombouts, will give all the money raised to a charity of their choice.

Schoonjan said they will continue the fundraiser as long as the flowers are in bloom.

The farm is located at 5023 Douglas Line.