Bridge tolls to remain the same

Blue Water Bridge May 2017 ( photo by Dave Dentinger)

Canadian toll rates at the Blue Water Bridge will stay the same this fall and winter.

The Federal Bridge Corporation announced Thursday the rates for cars and trucks entering the US will remain at $4.25 (CDN) and $3.25 (USD) per trip.

The rate for commercial vehicles per axle is also unchanged at $4.50 (CDN) and $3.50 (USD) per trip.

The rates at the border crossing are reviewed semi-annually based on traffic levels, economic forecasts as well as funding needs for long-term capital requirements.

The toll rate value in US dollars is based on the average daily currency exchange rate over the last six months.

The last increase by the Federal Bridge Corporation was made in November 2018.

The next review for toll rates at the Blue Water Bridge is scheduled for April 1, 2020.