Sarnia firefighters stand again with Michigan counterparts on 9/11

Port Huron's 9/11 ceremony - Sept 11/18 (Photo courtesy of Sarnia Fire and Rescue)

Members of Sarnia Fire and Rescue are in Port Huron Wednesday morning to help mark the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

A sombre ceremony is being held at 9 a.m. at the International Flag Plaza just north of the Blue Water Bridges.

Fire Prevention Officer Roel Bus said it’s very important to stand in solidarity with their American brothers and sisters.

“It’s important to commemorate it every year, it’s something that we can’t forget,” said Bus. “There were 343 firefighters that died in that. So, we’ll have a contingent from Sarnia going to Port Huron to help commemorate that.”

Bus said the Sarnia department is being represented by one full-service truck and numerous off duty personnel in full dress uniform.

“Emergency services, we all work together. Even in regular incidents, we have a mutual agreement with Port Huron. If they have a large incident happening, we’ll send over a truck and vice versa. They’ve been here a couple of times and we’ve gone there, too.”

Police, EMS, and the public are also invited to attend the ceremony.