North Lambton Lodge residents welcome new wheels

Residents at North Lambton Lodge in Forest take a ride on a trishaw. July 30, 2019. (Photo by County of Lambton)

Residents at the county’s long-term care home in Forest have some new wheels to take out for a spin.

Lambton County recently purchased a trishaw bike for the 88 residents at North Lambton Lodge.

The bike can accommodate two passengers on each ride at the front, and is navigated by a pedalling pilot at the back.

County Long Term Care Supervisor Carolyn Hodges said the bike is helping keep seniors at the site active and engaged.

“Of course a bike goes a little bit slower than a car, so just being able to tour around town and feel a part of the community, and of course for those people that were cyclists in the past who enjoyed biking and are no longer able to ride a bike, this gives them the same feeling or same opportunity to be able to ride,” said Hodges. “It gets people out in the fresh air, lets them get the feel of a bike again, the riders make new friends with the volunteers and staff that are riding, all those types of things.”

Staff who have been trained on the bike began taking residents for rides this month.

Hodges said the bike has been a big hit early on.

“So far everyone has been really positive — lots of smiles and people were really excited when it arrived. One of the ladies that took a ride mentioned that she hadn’t been on a bike in 40 years, so she just thought it was thrilling to ride.”

Hodges said you could take the bike for a ride and meet some new people in the process.

“We’re designing a volunteer program to go with this bike so that we have not just staff that are taking residents out, but we also want to have a team of volunteers that are trained to ride the bike.”

Hodges said the $7,000 bike from Cycling Without Age was purchased through the county’s recreation department and through memorial donations to North Lambton Lodge.

Enjoying a bike ride

New bike is a big hit!

Posted by LambtonCares on Wednesday, July 31, 2019