Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department getting new ladder truck

New Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Truck (Photo courtesy of Town of Petrolia)

The Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department is getting a brand new fire truck.

The $1.28 million, 110-foot Aerial Apparatus bucket ladder truck will replace the current 60-foot truck which is at the end of its 25-year life.

Fire Chief Jay Arns said firefighters will have to undergo training on the new truck which is expected to be delivered early next year.

“As part of the process to put it in service, we’ll get the truck here a couple of weeks ahead of time and train intensively on it for a couple of weeks while keeping our old truck in service then transition to the new truck,” said Arns. “Technology has changed a lot in 25 years, we’ve got a lot more electronics on the new apparatus. Even the way we put the ladder up is different than in the past.”

Arns said the old truck is showing its age.

The built-in waterway is broken, and there are concerns with the safety of the aerial ladder.

Petrolia and Enniskillen councils approved the purchase after five years of discussions by a fire department committee.

Petrolia council agreed to waive its normal procurement policy in order to get the demonstration truck at a reduced price.