Blackwell Beach - Aug 10/19 (Photo by Sue Storr)

Permanent repairs needed as high water, wind ravage shoreline

Sarnia’s shoreline is slowly deteriorating, making it dangerous in some areas, particularly for beachgoers.

City of Sarnia Construction Manager Robert Williams said rising water levels are contributing to damage along the shoreline.

Lake Huron is just over 30 inches above normal for this time of year according to the U.S Army Corps of Engineers.

Williams said the infrastructure, which is past its life, is failing and permanent repairs are desperately needed in Bright’s Grove, at the end of Christina Street, and at Blackwell Side Road Beach.

“We retained a coastal engineer to prepare a permanent engineered design, which will include a stone revetment and stairs, similar to what we put there as an interim measure but this will be a permanent engineered fix,” said Williams. “We are hoping to tender that in the fall for late fall construction.”

Williams said they’ve received $250,000 from the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority for the work.

The city also set aside $1.2 million in the 2019 budget.