NDP hopeful appeals for civility in politics

Adam Kilner (left) meets with a Sarnia-Lambton resident during a Federal NDP nomination meeting. July 2019. (Photo by NDP Sarnia-Lambton)

The NDP candidate in Sarnia-Lambton in this fall’s federal election wants to see more civility in politics.

Adam Kilner, an ordained minister of the United Church, was acclaimed as the local candidate late last month.

The 36-year-old Kilner wants to be all-inclusive in building community relationships.

“I’ve been a pretty strong volunteer I’d say in this community. I would simply say that thinking about discourse around elections, this idea that politics is somehow a dirty word these days because people can’t stay kind and gracious to one another, that’s another piece that I wanted to bring to the table. Let’s bring happiness back to politics and kindness and generosity,” he said.

Kilner said he expects a couple of issues will be at the forefront both nationally and locally.

“So the pharmacare plan is the one that jumps out first, and issues around climate care and the climate crisis should also be at the top of our list especially for folks with health issues,” he said.

The federal campaign is expected to begin in earnest next month with voting day October 21.

Incumbent Marilyn Gladu is seeking re-election with the Conservative party in Sarnia-Lambton, Carmen Lemieux is the candidate for the governing Liberals, Peter Smith is running for the Green Party, and Brian Everaert is representing the People’s Party.