Computer may have sparked Florence Library fire

Dawn-Euphemia Community Hall (Photo courtesy of the township)

The mayor of Dawn-Euphemia expects the Florence Library to be closed for “quite some time” following a fire Saturday.

The library, located in the Dawn-Euphemia Community Centre, was closed at the time and no one was inside the building.

Al Broad expected a portion of the community centre to reopen Thursday.

“The cleanup process has started in the main auditorium and the rest of the building should be done by Thursday and then they’ll be starting the library next week, trying to clean up the mess,” said Broad.

He said the cause has been traced to a computer.

“When the fire department entered the library, there was definitely a specific computer where there was a flame coming off of it.”

Mayor Broad said a damage estimate was still being determined, but he expects it will be significant.

The County of Lambton said Tuesday that due dates for borrowed materials would be extended, but could be returned, renewed or borrowed at the Shetland Library.