Dream Home Lottery expands to mark 25th anniversary

Kathy Alexander and Owen Byers outside of the 2019 Dream Home - July 25/19 (Blackburnnews.com photo by Josh Boyce)

The Bluewater Health Foundation is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Dream Home Lottery by putting two homes up for grabs this year.

They’ve partnered with Petrolia’s CEE Hospital Foundation with half of the proceeds benefiting each organization.

The homes will be located at 564 Franco Ave. in the Rapids Parkway subdivision and at 304 Sunset Crt. in Petrolia.

Bluewater Health Foundation Executive Director Kathy Alexander said they’ve raised over $7 million in the past 24 years.

“The capital project was a generous benefactor of many years of the dream home lottery,” said Alexander. “In the most recent years, we’ve been able to use the money for mammography machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, lab equipment. A lot of equipment purchases have been enabled at Bluewater Health because of the revenue proceeds from the Dream Home Lottery.”

CEE Foundation Chair Owen Byers said he is thrilled with the partnership.

“We have some big projects to do, and we have to find better ways to raise more money and this should do it,” said Byers. “We were confined to a smaller area with tickets, and this will go to a bigger area.”

This year’s lottery is also being done online and has the largest prize board ever at over $1 million. You can also win a BMW, trips, or a number of runner-up cash prizes.

There are up to 50,000 tickets up for sale compared to 8,500 last year, and there’s a 50/50 as well.

If the lottery sells out, over $600,000 will be split between Bluewater Health’s Sarnia and Petrolia sites.

Tickets are $100 and go on sale October 1 at www.bwhfdreamhome.com or in person at the hospitals.