Council to discuss Indigenous logos, names at sports facilities

Sarnia braves in action during the 2016 season. Photo by Hayley Trigatti.

Ontario’s Human Rights Commission is urging the City of Sarnia to develop a policy on the use of Indigenous-themed logos and names at sports fields and facilities.

Council is being asked Monday to direct staff to work with Indigenous communities and user groups.

Mayor Mike Bradley says all municipalities in Ontario are being urged to do the same.

“The Human Rights Commission sent out letters to mayors and councils across the province saying if there is any First Nations names or insignias used, would you please review this,” said Bradley. “We’re more than willing to do that working with the First Nations in this area to see what they think and what their input is.”

The Sarnia Braves baseball organization was specifically identified in the letter.

“Some of these names have existed for a long time. We need to look at the history and understand what the context is, but I think all of us need to discuss — in a very civil and decent manner — what is the appropriate thing to do.”

The Braves are believed to be the only non-Indigenous sport association, based out of Sarnia, using the city’s sports fields and facilities with an Indigenous themed name and logo.