Slots returning to Hiawatha Horse Park

Slot machine file photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / korzeniewskidan

Sarnia council has given the green light for the return of slot machines to Hiawatha Horse Park and Entertainment Centre.

The Doug Ford government reached an agreement in principle with Gateway — the owner/operator of Point Edward’s Starlight Casino — to reestablish slot machines last October.

OLG Spokesman Tony Bitonti told council there won’t be as many machines as before.

“It will be up to the service provider, which will be Gateway, once they open up the site to really make the determination on what the requirements are for that specific site,” said Bitonti. “So, Hiawatha, when the site opens, it will open with 150 slots.”

There were 450 slots at the racetrack before the Slots at Racetracks program was cancelled by the previous Liberal government six years ago.

The city will earn 5.25 per cent of the first $65 million generated from the slots.

The number drops to 2.5 and 3.5 per cent on the next $435 million and down to 0.5 per cent once revenue reaches $500 million.

An opening date has yet to be announced.