Safety urged for those celebrating Victoria Day with a bang

Fireworks trailer on Lambton Mall Road in Sarnia. May 15, 2019. (Photo by Colin Gowdy, BlackburnNews)

The Sarnia fire department has some important reminders for those planning to set off fireworks this long Victoria Day weekend.

First and foremost the department is encouraging residents to attend public firework displays instead of lighting their own.

Fire Life Safety Educator Mike Otis said every time you light a firework wick you run a risk.

“Fireworks are only to be set off on private property, and never on public property. Also be aware that if you set off fireworks, you’re liable for any damage that you may cause by setting those fireworks off,” said Otis. “If you want to see fireworks, we highly recommend that you go to a public fireworks display.”

Otis said more information on the rules surrounding fireworks can be found on the city’s bylaw page.

Otis said the Sarnia Fire & Rescue Service is also reminding BBQers, and those having bonfires to stay safe.

“We recommend you have at least a three feet safety zone around your BBQ from children and pets, always have it attended, and don’t have it up close to any structures or anything that can burn– the same goes for open-burning, you want it far away from any structure,” said Otis. “If you do have a recreational fire, follow the check list in order to be compliant with the rules within the City of Sarnia.”

The check list indicates open-air burning may only be conducted between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m., that fires must be at least three metres from any adjacents properties and combustible object or structure, and that fires are only permitted when wind speeds are less than 30 kilometres per hour.