Police urge cyclist safety

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / lsantilli

As the weather continues to warm up, more people are taking their bikes out for ride.

Sarnia police Cst. Nelson Amaral said a common problem police face is cyclists riding their bike through an intersection, or on the sidewalk.

“It doesn’t matter what size bike you have, you cannot ride in a crosswalk,” said Amaral. “Most collisions we have in our city are because of cyclists entering the crosswalk. I would say in my career, when that collision happens, about 99 per cent of the time it’s the cyclist who’s at fault. So, please remember you cannot ride in a crosswalk.”

The fine for riding through a crosswalk is $110.

Amaral said all bikes must be equipped with light or reflective tape, and a working bell or horn, or face a fine up to $85. He said cyclists must also obey stop signs and traffic lights.

Motorists are also reminded to give cyclists a metre of clearance and not cross into, or park in recently installed bike lanes.