Lambton OPP officer Chris Doupe. (Photo from OPP West twitter)

OPP investigating derogatory online comments allegedly made by media officer

The Ontario Provincial Police are investigating online comments allegedly made by the Lambton OPP media officer.

The comments on a public Facebook page from an account bearing the name of Chris Doupe were apparently in reference to the City of Sarnia’s consideration of free feminine products in city facilities.

The crude remarks were copied before being deleted.

One comment states, “Wow. Holy entitled. Your [derogatory term for female genitali] is a taxpayers issue? Are you serious? Carry a spare or two. How is this even a conversation? Allow a couple of rainbows and some tampons….what’s next?”

The rainbow comment is an apparent reference to Sarnia council’s recent decision to show Pride colours in the city during Pride Month in June.

In an email to, OPP spokesperson Derek Rogers said their members are held to a higher standard of behaviour while on and off duty.

“We are reviewing the comments and if further action is required, the OPP will apply its professional standards as appropriate,” said Rogers. “In the interim, we’re working to establish who will be the media officer for Lambton OPP.”