(From left to right) Peter Smith, Green Party of Canada logo, Lorraine Dolbear.

Local Green Party nomination being contested

For the first time ever, the Green Party in Sarnia-Lambton is having a contested nomination meeting.

Social worker Lorraine Dolbear and former Green candidate Peter Smith are vying for the party nomination in October’s federal election.

Party CEO Kevin Shaw said it’s exciting to see a nomination contest, rather than an acclamation.

“Maybe in the past it was a bit more so of, you know there was a smaller pool of people that were interested in running for the Green Party in knowing that it would be kind of long odds to win, but with the success the Green Party is having I think a lot more people are paying attention,” said Shaw. “They’re thinking that the policies the Green Party has in terms of the environment, climate change, and the economy are more suited to the time that we’re living in now.”

Local Green Party members will choose their candidate at a nomination meeting set for June 18 at the Limbo Lounge.

Shaw said those eligible to vote must be a party member by this Saturday, May 18.