Elevated flaring at NOVA, Suncor

Flaring at NOVA's Corunna facility. May 14, 2019. (Photo by BlackburnNews)

NOVA Chemicals reported a process disruption Tuesday afternoon that has caused elevated flaring at its Corunna site.

Communications Consultant Meaghan Lawrence said the duration of the flaring is unknown and the company apologizes to its neighbours and the community for any noise and light disturbances. She said they’re actively working to return the facility to normal operating conditions as soon as possible.

Suncor also reported increased flaring Tuesday.

Spokesperson Jennifer Johnson said they’re in the process of safely shutting down a process unit for planned maintenance, and the community may notice intermittent periods of visible flaring as well as a possible increase in noise levels.

She said every effort will be made to minimize flaring.

The Aamjiwnaang Notification System reported that the maintenance activity in Suncor’s Plant 2 fractionation unit can be expected to continue until Friday.

Flaring at NOVA. May 14, 2019. (BlackburnNews fi