Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / PinkBadger

Further extension of overnight parking being considered

Sarnia council will discuss more changes to overnight parking Monday.

Mayor Mike Bradley is suggesting it be extended to the end of November.

“We constantly receive suggestions from citizens,” said Bradley. “So, I passed on the suggestion from a citizen in the Bright’s Grove area about not having overnight parking in April. That was passed by council. Now, we’re being asked to move it back so that November is not a month when overnight parking is restricted. That will go to council. It seems like a reasonable request. If we had a huge snow emergency, we could deal with it.”

Mayor Bradley said council is also being asked to consider allowing on-street parking overnight on New Year’s Eve.

He said that would take pressure off buses, cabs and other means of transportation while ringing in a new year.

Both amendments are proposed on a one year trial basis.