Germain Park Arena. BlackburnNews file photo by Stephanie Chaves

Councillor wants to get ball rolling on indoor rec centre

If you could play a variety of sports all year round in Sarnia, would you?

City Councillor Nathan Colquhoun wants to know who’s still interested in an indoor recreational facility.

“Growing up in Sarnia, I always knew there was interest in this,” said Colquhoun. “I play ultimate frisbee, a lot of my friends play soccer, beach volleyball, ball hockey, baseball for batting cages and it’s just something that Sarnia has always lacked. So, I just want to spark a conversation a little bit and see what kinds of groups, associations and sports clubs would be interested.”

Colquhoun said the idea has been raised before and re-purposing Germain Arena into an indoor soccer facility or gymnasium is listed as a recommendation in the 2018-2033 parks and recreation master plan.

“There’s mention that it would be within Sarnia’s best interest to partner on some sort of indoor rec facility and there has been talk about this in the past where some money was set aside for the potential of doing something like this, but that expired,” he said. “So, I’m just trying to loop in the city’s already stated interest in making something like this happen and start putting all of the pieces together so we can actually move forward.”

Colquhoun said quite a few people have contacted him since he raised the idea over social media.

“I have about 10 different people who either are representing themselves or larger associations/sporting clubs interested in sitting around the table and starting these discussions,” he said.

Colquhoun encourages any individuals with an interest in pursuing this type of project, or people who can provide insight, to contact him at